Kenai Fjords Tours Glacier and whale watching cruises to Kenai Fjords National Park in Seward, Alaska. Wildlife viewing, photography and calving tidewater glaciers. Spring Gray Whale watching tours, summer Humpback whale watching, and Orca whale watching trips. All Kenai Fjords tours also includes calving tidewater glaciers. Day whale watching tours depart from Seward, AK and Whittier, AK and we offer a small boat Whale watching options.

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Seward, Alaska - Kenai Fjords National Park
Wildlife Viewing, Whale Watching and Glacier Cruises
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Alaska whale watching glacier tours are the most popular activity in Kenai Fjords National Park. Alaska Whale watching tours depart from Seward's small boat harbor. Both half-day to full-day trips are available. Kenai Fjords is famous for its wildlife and tidewater glaciers. It's common to see humpback whales and pods of orca (killer) whales year round and gray whales in spring. Our whale watching boat captains will stop and even to go out of the way to give you an opportunity to see and photography them. Kenai Fjords is one of those special locations in Alaska that's just teaming with wildlife. There are seals around the glaciers, sea otters, bald eagles and a occasional mountain goat. There's also a haulout for endangered Steller sea lions, and masses of seabirds nest in the Fjords in the summer, including the famous puffin.

Spring — Gray Whale Watching Cruises

Wildlife and Gray Whale Watching
Gray Whale Watching ToursThe Eschrichtius Robustus, commonly known as the Gray Whale, has returned to Alaska! Witness the amazing annual migration of California Gray Whales, traveling over 5,000 miles from Baja California to the nutrient rich waters of Alaska's Bering Sea. Get a front row seat as these magnificent mammals pass by the mouth of Resurrection Bay. Join our captains as they observe Gray Whales -- the only whales without dorsal fins. Watch for their bushy, heart-shaped blow rising up to 13 feet in the air.

Summer — Kenai Fjords Whale Watching and Glacier Cruises

Small Boat Whale Watching, Wildlife Glacier Tour
Small Boat Whale Watching Seward AKMoney back guarantee whale sighting.

Small boat, 6 passenger tour. The boat captain is so sure that you will see a whale on this whale watching tour that the boat captain is willing to say that if a whale is not sighted on this adventure your money will be refunded. Join us on these scenic adventures as we encounter whales and other Alaskan wildlife in and around beautiful Resurrection Bay, and Kenai Fjords. NOTE: This tour does not go to the glaciers.

Kenai Fjords Whale Watching Glacier Tours
Popular Alaska whale watching wildlife and glacier cruise. Kenai Fjords National Park boasts abundant wildlife, and alpine and tidewater glaciers. One-day tours depart from Seward, Alaska, and provide in-depth experiences within pristine Kenai Fjords National Park. Tours are fully narrated by an accredited wildlife interpreter and include a visit to the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge - home to a large variety of whales, sea lions, sea otters and more. Several departure times are offered daily during the summer months: 8:00 AM (6 hour cruise), 10:00 AM (8 1/2 hour cruise), and 11:30 AM (6 hour cruise). The 11:30 AM option, Anchorage departure with transportation to Seward by bus or on the Alaska Railroad. The 10:00 am departure includes a one-of-a-kind dinner stop at Fox Island for an all you can eat grilled wild Alaska salmon and prime rib dinner. Add one-half pound of King Crab for a nominal fee. Enjoy a National Park Ranger presentation at Fox Island.

Northwestern Fjord Wildlife Glacier Tour
On this tour we travel farther into Kenai Fjords National Park than any other daily tour operator. This premium full-day cruise is the only day tour visiting magnificent Northwestern Fjord, home to three amazing tidewater glaciers and numerous alpine glaciers. Kenai Fjords National Park boasts abundant wildlife, alpine and tidewater glaciers and breathtaking scenery. Our tours are the best way to see this pristine National Park and its inhabitants. We also visit the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, home to a large variety of whales, seabirds, stellar sea lions, sea otters and more. Don't miss this opportunity to see the untouched beauty of Alaska's coastal waters.

Resurrection Bay Wildlife Tours
Perfect for families and just the right length to allow time for other activities in Seward, our Resurrection Bay Wildlife Tours are always a great choice. Learn about the rich history of Resurrection Bay while viewing the jagged cliffs, seabirds, marine wildlife and alpine glaciers. The Resurrection Bay Wildlife Cruise received the 2003 "Alaska Shore Excursion of the Season" award from Princess Cruises. This tour stops at the exclusive Fox Island day lodge for a one-of-a-kind adventure and a grilled wild Alaska salmon dinner. Two departure times: 12 noon and 5:30 PM

Seward Fox Island Dinner Cruise
An excellent Seward dinner option, don't just eat dinner in town, take a dinner cruise. all you can eat wild Alaska salmon and prime rib dinner with an exclusive visit to Fox Island a private lodge. Even a dinner choice to add a half a pound of Alaska king crab for a nominal fee. As you cruise to Fox Island, breathtaking views of Bear Glacier and other hanging glaciers, watch whales, puffins, cormorants and otters while cruising along the spectacular shores of Resurrection Bay.

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Orca WhalesDid You Know?
“Killer Whales” or Orcas are actually quite friendly and often inquisitive about humans. In fact the group of “resident killer whales” pictured here feeds entirely on fish. Only “Transient Killer Whales” eat marine mammals. No wild killer whale has ever hurt a human being.
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