Iceberg Shape Classification, there are two basic iceberg shape classifications, one tabular and two non-tabular the non-tabular is broken up into five sub-classifications.
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Iceberg sizes, shapes and Classifications

Iceberg Size Classifications
Iceberg Sizes
Size Classifications
Less than 3' (1 m)
Less 16' (5 m)
Bergy Bit
3'-13'(1-4 m)
15'-46'(5-14 m)
14'-50'(5-15 m)
47'-200'(14-60 m)
51'-150'(16-45 m)
201'-400'(61-122 m)
151'-240'(46-75 m)
401'-670'(123-213 m)
Very Large
over 240'(over 75 m)
over 670 (over 213)

Iceberg Shape Classification
There are two basic shape classifications, one tabular and two non-tabular. The non-tabular is broken up into five sub-classifications.

Basic Classificatons  
tabular iceberg non-tabular iceberg
Tabular - An iceberg with steep sides and flat top having a length-to-height ratio greater than 5:1. Many show horizontal banding. This type of iceberg can be quite large. Non-Tabular - Describes icebergs that are not tabular shaped. This category is futher subdivided to include the specific shapes described below. If no other description applies, the iceberg is simply referred to as a non-tabular.

Five Non-Tabular Sub-Classifications
dome iceberg dome shaped iceberg
Dome - An iceberg with a rounded top.

Pinnacle Iceberg Pinnacle
Pinnacle - An iceberg with one or more spires.

Wedge iceberg wedge shaped iceberg
Wedge - An iceberg having a steep vertical side on one end and sloping on the other.

Dry-dock Iceberg dry dock shaped iceberg
Dry-Dock - An iceberg that has eroded so a slot or channel is formed.

blocky iceberg blocky shaped iceberg
Blocky - An iceberg with a flat top and steep vertical sides.

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