Denali Flightseeing is one of the most popular Denali Park tours. Scenic flight offer a bird's-eye view of Denali and its stunning peaks, and the spectacular surrounding glaciers.
Denali Air Fligtseeing
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Take a flight of a lifetime views of Mt. Denali and glaciers
Flights are headset equipped, fully narrated, and all seats are window seats
Intimate views of glaciers with their bright blue crevasses.
Fly on an Alaskan adventure into the heart of Denali National Park
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Denali National Park, Alaska
Denali National Park Flightseeing Tours - 2 Flightseeing Options

Take a flight of a lifetime with Denali Air. Depart on one of the most popular tours in Denali from Denali Air's private airstrip just south of the entrance to Denali National Park. Fly with Denali Air to experience optimal views of Denali National Park, Denali and its stunning peaks, and the spectacular surrounding glaciers. Custom tours and scenic flights take you over the Park road, the Ruth Glacier, Denali Base Camp and over the Alaska Range.

This tour is headset equipped, fully narrated, and all seats are window seats.

Courtesy ground transportation from all the Denali area hotels.

Denali Fliightseeing - 2 Flightseeing Options
Denali Flightseeing, Denali Express FlightDenali Express Flight - 45 Minutes
Fly on an Alaskan adventure into the heart of Denali National Park. The focus of this tour is to give visitors an optimal bird's-eye of all the features of the Park with the chance to see Mt. Denali when weather conditions permit. You'll fly along the snow-capped peaks of the Alaska Range on your way to the Muldrow, Brooks and Traleika Glaciers, the massive rivers of ice that flow from Denali's east face. Your flight begins from Denali Air's private airstrip on the eastern border of the Park. The 150-mile flight will cover an astonishing array of terrain, from the marshy and green lowlands, through the colorful mid-levels of the Cantwell Formation and the foothills of the Alaska Range, up to the stunning rock and ice of the alpine peaks as you near the Denali Massif. Your pilot will get you within 5 miles of Denali itself. The unparalleled views on this flight offer you the chance to witness how the various natural forces in the Park came together to shape Denali.

Highlights of this 45-minute flight tour include the striking signature features of the 6 million acres that comprise Denali National Park, including:
  • The vivid Polychrome and Cathedral Mountains
  • The heart of the original Park boundaries
  • Meandering braided rivers flowing through glacially carved valleys
  • Velvety rolling tundra covered hills
  • Spectacularly unique geological formations throughout the park
  • Intimate views of the north side glaciers with their bright blue crevasses and contrasting gravel overlays
  • The Muldrow glacier, the longest on the north side of the Alaska Range, which begins at over 17,000 feet
  • Seemingly endless vistas of the rugged subarctic terrain
Weather permitting, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of the northeast corner of Denali, which was the original access point for the first climbers to stand atop the summits. You may also see portions of the Wickersham Wall, the steepest vertical relief in the world. From this vantage point, you will enjoy views of Denali's sharp ridgelines contrasting with the tumbling ice of the Muldrow Glacier. Prepare to see the majestic and rugged beauty of Denali from a perspective that is impossible to gain from the Park road.

Daily: May 20 - September 10
Flight Departure Time: 12:00pm and 2:00pm

Ages 13 and up: $399
Ages 2-12: $205
Under age 2: Free

Or call Us At 907-205-5900
Denali Flightseeing, Peak ExperiencePeak Experience - 60-70 minutes Minutes
Fly with the original flightseeing company in Denali for a thrilling and inspiring flight around the highest point in North America. Soar amongst the jagged peaks of the Alaska Range on a stunning 200-mile flight through Denali National Park to get within 1/2 mile of Denali. Weather permitting, this flight will circle Denali to see every spectacular corner of this majestic mountain. From takeoff to landing, the breathtaking views will have you on the edge of your seat. The 60-70 minute flight departs from Denali Air's private airstrip on the eastern edge of Denali National Park, and you'll enjoy the comfort and views from your window seat on a twin-engine plane. You'll see braided rivers, wildly colorful ridgelines and velvety tundra-covered valleys as you climb towards pristine snow-covered peaks and tumbling icefalls en route to the Mountain. As you near Denali, you will thread between snowy alpine peaks, such as Mount Mather, Silverthrone and Mount Huntington. You'll be flying at an optimal altitude that will give you the best perspective of the sheer size of the mountains of the Denali Massif. Denali Air has been operating flightseeing tours to Denali for almost 40 years, and our highly experienced pilots will use their skills and knowledge to guide you to the best views in Denali.

Highlights of this once-in-a-lifetime flight include (weather permitting):
  • Views of the Wickersham Wall, arguably the tallest vertical relief of any mountain in the world. This 14,000 foot sheer wall of ice and snow is the best opportunity you'll have to gain a stunning perspective of the towering size of Denali.
  • Intimate views of the glaciers tumbling down Denali north side, including the Traleika, Brooks and the long-running Muldrow flowing from between the north and south summits at 17,000 feet
  • Ridge-hopping the dramatic Carpe and Karstens ridgelines, used by the first climbers to summit Denali
  • Close views of the south side glaciers, including the deepest glacier (the Ruth), the longest glacier in the Alaska Range (the Kahiltna), the meandering Tokositna and the colorful Eldridge
  • Views of the Great Gorge in the expansive Ruth Amphitheater, with its dramatic 5,000 foot granite walls rising straight from glacial ice almost 4,000 feet thick
  • Views of Mount Foraker, Mount Russell, and Mount Hunter, the next 3 tallest mountains in the Alaska Range, rounding out the Denali Family
  • Views of the most popular climbing routes and climbing camps at various altitudes (during climbing season)
While this flight focuses heavily on Denali and its immediate vicinity, you will also be able to experience all the striking signature features of the 6 million acres that comprise Denali National Park, including the vivid Polychrome Mountains, the Toklat river basin, and the colorful contrasts of Denali's vast geological displays as you ascend along the spine of the Alaska Range. Prepare to be humbled by this vast, utterly unique and remote Alaskan landscape that is best seen by air in order to appreciate the sheer magnitude of its beauty. Let our highly experienced and knowledgeable pilots help you discover the highlight of your Alaskan vacation.

Daily: May 20 - September 10
Flight Departure Time: 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm

Ages 13 and up: $315
Ages 2-12: $193
Under age 2: Free

Or call Us At 907-205-5900

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