Do-It-Yourself Alaska Sea Kayaking we are happy to help with trip planning for non-guided private trips. Also offered a Guide Rental Sea Kayak Program, this is your trip but accompanied by a naturalist sea kayak guide.

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Do-It-Yourself Alaska Sea Kayaking - Guide Rental

Backcountry Safaris can help you plan a do-it-yourself Alaska sea kayaking adventure. If you need help, call and talk with our Alaska adventure travel experts. We can discuss the options and suggest available paddling locations.

Backcountry Safaris Do-It-Yourself Trip Services

Some general information to get you started in your planning.

Guide Rental Program
Our Guide Rental Program is for groups that are not sure they are ready to be out in Alaska's wilderness on their own or have never sea kayaked in Alaska before.

This is your trip but you are accompanied by one of our highly skilled naturalist sea kayak guides. Our guide brings along extensive local knowledge and the skills required for a remote Alaska wilderness adventure. Our guides will help you plan routes and enhance your wildlife viewing and activities.

Alaska KayakYou save money by bringing your own camping gear, food, and by doing your own cooking and camp chores. If needed, Backcountry Safaris can supply the water taxi, kayak and gear rentals.

Guided rentals are for groups that have prior outdoor and camping experience and some basic sea kayaking skills. If your group has minimal camping experience or are new to camping, we suggest you look at our fully outfitted sea kayaking tours. Camping and outdoor skills are required, however no prior sea kayaking experience is required. Our guide will teach you the sea kayaking skills needed.

Your group is responsible for

  • Food for your group (guide will be self-sufficient)
  • Camping gear (tent, stove and sleeping bag rentals are available)
  • Cooking and dinnerware
  • All camp chores and meal preparation

Guided Rental Multi-Day tours are custom tours. Call one of our Alaska adventure travel experts to discuss options and the numerous paddling locations available.

Routes along the outer coastline areas are available for experienced sea kayakers.

Remote Sea Kayaking Hostel Style Lodging Options
Bear Glacier Wilderness Retreat. Bear Glacier is one of the most unique and scenic sea kayaking destinations in Kenai Fjords National Park. A maze of giant icebergs awaits your arrival. Sea kayaking around the ice bergs is so amazing that once you get here you're going to want to stay longer.

Kayakers Cove. A favorite affordable sea kayaking destination for local Alaska sea kayakers and out-of-state adventure travelers.

Alaska Travel hotline

Backcountry Safaris
P.O. Box 1397 Seward, Alaska USA 99664
1-907-222-1632 or toll-free 1-877-812-2159
Alaska Cruise Expert

**Tour Itineraries: Backcountry Safaris and other tour operators that we work with strive to give you a high quality Alaska experience. The tour itinerary shown on our web page is an example tour itinerary. The actual tour itinerary may vary some due to weather, safety, guest abilities and other conditions. Backcountry Safaris and other independent tour contractors reserve the right to change the tour itinerary and/or make substitutions at any time and without prior notice or to cancel all or part of any tour in its reasonable discretion, for the safety of its participants or due to insufficient number of participants signing up for a tour, because of weather, for the comfort and well being of our guests, for any other conditions that might affect the quality of tour, or as deemed necessary by the tour operator or trip leader.

Limitations of liability: Although every precaution is taken to safeguard you and your belongings, our adventure trips involve inherent risks and dangers which are beyond our control and Backcountry Safaris shall assume no responsibility for personal injuries or deaths and loss of personal property. Due to the nature of the activities, a condition of your participation is that you will read and sign the acknowledgment and Release of Liability before the tour begins. A copy of the text is available on request.
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Tour Type: Sea Kayaking, Wildlife Viewing, Hiking, Do-It-Yourself
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Comfort: Camping, Hostel, Cabin
Prior Experience: None - Camping
2016 Tour Dates

Daily departures May – September

Tour Rates
Water Taxi
See our Water Taxi page for rates.

Sea Kayak and Camping Gear Rental
See our kayak rental page for rates.

Guide Rental
$395 per day plus tax
Up to 6 guests. An additional guide is required for larger groups.

Remote Sea Kayaking
Hostel Style Lodging Options

Bear Glacier Wilderness Retreat

Trip Quote

On payment of your deposit to Backcountry Safaris, you agree to be bound by Backcountry Safaris tour terms and conditions. Complete Tour, Reservation and Payment Terms are located here.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
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Kenai Fjords Weather
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Harding Icefield AlaskaDid You Know?
The Harding Icefield is the largest icefield solely contained within the United States. The Harding Icefield accumulates 400-800 inches of snow each year and takes between 30-50 years for that snow to compress into glacial ice.
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