Backcountry Safaris' Alaska float trips will take you to spectacular and remote Alaska locations accessible only by raft. Our rafting trips offer scenic views, wildlife viewing, Alaska sport fishing, hiking and whitewater.

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Alaska Float Trips
Fishing, Scenic, and Whitwater Rafting Adventures

Explore Alaska's remote wilderness by raft. Our Alaska rafting adventures take you to spectacular and remote wilderness Alaska locations. We offer a variety of Alaska raft trips that offer scenic views, wildlife viewing, Alaska sport fishing, and whitewater.

Custom group Alaska rafting adventures are available so don't let our rafting tour selection limit your adventurous spirit. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Backcountry Safaris frequently searches for remote and wild places to travel and explore. If you are interested in something special or participating in an exploratory expedition of this kind, please contact us with your ideas or to see what plans are being made.

Rafting in Alaska is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of our guests and we strive to make our raft trips an unforgettable experience. We have a high regard for protecting Alaska's fragile ecosystems and guide our trips in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe Alaska is a uniquely spectacular place and want our guests to share the experience of exploring this wonderful place we call home.

We recommend securing reservations several months in advance to assure scheduling on the dates that accommodate your plans.

Call or email with your ideas and let's get started planning your Alaska raft trip today.

Our Most Popular Alaska Rafting Adventures
Rafting In Alaska

Alaska Fishing Float Trips
Denali Park Nenana River Rafting
2-4 hour rafting trips. The Nenana River offers two sections, a class II scenic mild-water raft trip or a class III/IV whitewater raft trip. We offer both paddle rafting and oar rafting options in a spectacular Alaska mountain setting and the best whitewater rafting at Denali National Park.
Kongakut River Rafting
Explore Alaska's remote Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) by raft on the "river of caribou". Our trip coincides with the annual migration of the 123,000-strong Porcupine caribou herd and passes through some of the world's most pristine wilderness.
Lake Creek Rafting
7 day whitewater rafting and fishing adventure. Our favorite fly-in wilderness adventure river offers a great combination of exciting whitewater and great Alaska fishing. Lake Creek offers almost continuous Class II/III whitewater with a few Class IV rapids, five species of salmon, rainbow trout and arctic grayling.
Chulitna River - 4 day Denali Raft Adventure. An excellent family adventure and sampling of Alaska's best wilderness and geography at a casual pace. We travel through Denali State Park, upper Susitna Valley and take out near Trapper Creek, a historic gold mining town.    
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**Tour Itineraries: Backcountry Safaris and other tour operators that we work with strive to give you a high quality Alaska experience. The tour itinerary shown on our web page is an example tour itinerary. The actual tour itinerary may vary some due to weather, safety, guest abilities and other conditions. Backcountry Safaris and other independent tour contractors reserve the right to change the tour itinerary and/or make substitutions at any time and without prior notice or to cancel all or part of any tour in its reasonable discretion, for the safety of its participants or due to insufficient number of participants signing up for a tour, because of weather, for the comfort and well being of our guests, for any other conditions that might affect the quality of tour, or as deemed necessary by the tour operator or trip leader.

Limitations of liability: Although every precaution is taken to safeguard you and your belongings, our adventure trips involve inherent risks and dangers which are beyond our control and Backcountry Safaris shall assume no responsibility for personal injuries or deaths and loss of personal property. Due to the nature of the activities, a condition of your participation is that you will read and sign the acknowledgment and Release of Liability before the tour begins. A copy of the text is available on request.
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