Alaska family rafting trip, a 4 day Denali State Park camping raft trip on the Chulitna River.

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4 Day Denali and Chulitna River Rafting Adventure
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Grizzly Bear on the Chulitna River Denali State ParkAn excellent family Denali rafting adventure. Inflatable kayaking, whitewater kayaking and canoeing options are available.

Sample some of Alaska's best wilderness and geography at a casual pace and at an affordable price. The trip starts at the head of the Susitna Valley in the Alaska Range and runs down a swift clearwater stream holding king salmon and grayling. Then the Chulitna meets with glacial streams and swells down steep-walled canyons over 100 feet high. Next the river opens up into the grand Susitna Valley with incredible views of Mt. McKinley, Mt. Hunter and other peaks of the Alaska Range. We travel through Denali State Park, the upper Susitna Valley and take out near Trapper Creek, a historic town, where gold was discovered on Cache Creek in 1906.

We often see grizzly and black bears, bald eagles and fur-bearers and view some of Alaska's most beautiful scenery.

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Tour Type: Scenic, Rafting
Difficulty: Class III Whitewater
Comfort: Tent Camping
Prior Experience: None

Inflatable kayaking, whitewater kayaking and canoeing options are available.

Chulitna River Rafting Adventure is a good family multi-day wilderness Alaska rafting trip at an affordable price. The river is an easy scenic class III river and has some small splashy waves making it suitable for younger children.

The Chulitna River flows through Denali State Park in the Alaska Range and starts out as a small clearwater stream before meeting up with larger glacial streams and swells in size before entering a steep-walled canyon. After a few hours of rafting, the canyon opens up into the grand Susitna Valley that has incredible views of Mt. McKinley, Mt. Hunter and other peaks of the Alaska Range.

Some of the wildlife we might see along the river include grizzly and black bears, bald eagles and beavers and other fur-bearers.

We end out trip near Trapper Creek, a historic town, where gold was discovered on Cache Creek in 1906.
Arrival - Fly into Anchorage International Airport. Plan to arrive at least one day before your kayak trip departure date. Anchorage offers many fine hotel and bed and breakfast lodging options. We can provide you a list of recommended lodging options or include hotel lodging in Anchorage with your tour package. If you would like us to include hotel lodging in Anchorage with your rafting tour package just let us know.

Mt. Denali on the Chulitna Raft TripDay 1 - We'll pick you up at your hotel around 6:30 AM and depart for our 186 mile scenic drive to our put-in on the East Fork of the Chulitna River. We'll make a number of stops along the way to view the scenery and take photos of Mt. McKinley and other peaks of the Alaska Range. We'll meet our river guides at the Middle Fork of the Chulitna River and get ready for a speedy descent down this clearwater, boulder-strewn stream. This is a fun, splashy and busy section of the river, with boulders requiring almost constant maneuvering. You can see spawning King salmon beneath you as you float downstream. Keep your eyes open on the banks, because bears come down to the river to feed on the salmon. We often see bears in the upper part of this trip. The Alaska Railroad travels next to the river for a short way. You can almost see the river gaining water and strength as it flows down the foothills.

East Fork River Alaska Class III whitewaterDay 2 - After the river meets with the East Fork, the Chulitna gains strength and enters a series of sedimentary canyons reaching 100 feet high. You can see fossils and seams of coal as you travel quickly by. Kayakers and inflatable boaters will enjoy the hydraulics, boils and eddies made as the river flows down the canyons. Then the river opens into the broad Susitna Valley where you are treated to sweeping views of a classic Alaska glacial valley. The river braids continuously, and river channel selection becomes an art. In the valley we are treated to wonderful views of Mt. McKinley and the rolling foothills of the Alaska Range. Bald Eagles often perch on the cottonwood trees or the driftwood in search of King salmon.

Day 3 - On the third day, we continue through the wide, flat, sandy Chulitna River valley in the larger Susitna Valley. The mood of this stretch of the river is calming and reflective. You are truly in Alaska wilderness and the sweeping expanses will give you a new perspective on man's role in the world. After lunch we will travel under the Parks Highway bridge and through some lower canyons looking for the perfect camp site.

Day 4 - We break camp early this morning and head for our takeout near Trapper Creek, a historic gold mining town. If wish to continue your vacation with an added visit to Denali National Park, our takeout is timed so that you can catch a ride on our Denali Bus to Denali National Park. If you're not continuing on to Denali Park we will shuttle you back to Anchorage and your hotel. Click here for Denali Park Adventures.
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Did you know that Denali or Mt. McKinley, located within Denali National Park and Preserve, is the highest mountain on the North American continent? Measured from the 2,000 foot lowlands to its snowy summit at 20,237 feet, the mountain’s vertical relief of 18,000 feet is greater than that of Mount Everest.
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